And then the witch doctor, he gave me a concussion

By Saulot on September 24th, 2021
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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"This is my island. My home. Choya be damned! Humans be damned! Except the Asura. They can stay."

He doesn't know his name. He forgot it decades ago. The madman of the island is only concerned with growing his seashell collection, and making sure nothing else comes to his home. Low will be the fool that finds themselves washed up on his shores.
The look came about because I wanted something kinda unique for Catalyst, and wanted a shaman-esque look. Ended up loving it, and will throw it on one of my elementalists when EoD drops.
Head: Tribal Headdress: Crushed Bone, Shadow Abyss, Shadow Abyss
Shoulders: Conjurer Mantle: Crushed Bone, Shadow Abyss, Midnight Gold
Chest: Tribal Vestments: Crushed Bone, Shadow Abyss, Midnight Gold
Gloves: Raven Ceremonial Bracers: Midnight Gold, Crushed Bone
Legs: Primitive Legwraps: Midnight Gold, Shadow Abyss, Midnight Gold
Boots: Tribal Walkers: Crushed Bone, Midnight Gold

Weapon: Orrian Smasher


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