Elegante "Lady in Red"

By mathiasxii on September 6th, 2021
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Red
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"Ugh, Peasants!"

Beggars can't be choosers, especially when it comes to Heroes of Tyria. Motivated by bounty and riches, she fools no one. Everyone speaks about her extravagance, as her feats cannot be told unless she's standing on a golden pedestal as she requested. Her wits as an engineer hides under her hunger for prestance.

Don't bother to ask her help without showing any interesting amount of currency unless you're willing to be humiliated! There's too many joys in life to waste time doing efforts when those efforts can be delegated to willing citizens. Poor citizens are already filthy and working hard, anyway!

Besides, she can't bother putting in jeopardy her clothes and delicate hands in trivial tasks. She prefers to give orders to her trained Skyscale Hatchlings to do all the boooooring stuff.

TEMPORARY ARMOR DESCRIPTION (due to specify armor bug) :

Armor Piece : Armor name - Colors

Colors are described from left to right, top to bottom

Head : Swaggering hat - Autumn, Black Cherry, Darkness, Garnet
Shoulders : Wolf shoulderpad - Bloodstone Coral, Chalk, Bloodstone Coral
Coat : Luminous Medium Brigadine - Black Cherry, Autumn, Mahogany, Dusk
Gloves : Sneakthief's glove - Autumn, Cocoa
Pants : Luminous Medium Cuisses - Dusk, Tar
Boots : Swaggering Boots - Cocoa, Darkness, Rosewood, Dusk
Glider : Skyscale Squadron Glider - Rosewood, Searing

Weapons :
Sword : Lord Faren's Rapier
Shield : Crimson Lion Shield
Rifle : Funerary Rifle


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