Cavalier inspired Simbi Khali Ossa

By TheKimmynator on July 28th, 2021
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Red
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An attempt at recreating the armor of the cavaliers throughout the Crystal Desert.

''Some anonymity would be nice...''

Simbi had to ditch her regal look for something more toned-down in order to get through the desert and her mission more easily. Being recognized as a descendant of the Ossa family causes a lot of friction, distraction and plenty of obstacles... She has no time for petty opinions on her ancestry, there is a rogue human god to be stopped! Thus she switched her queenly look for something along the lines of the Cavaliers of the Crystal Desert. Needless to say, the armor blends in much better and actually allows for plenty of agility in combat...

I was dissatisfied with my ele's look and wanted to give her something less regal and more rugged, ready-for-battle.

I love the female cavaliers' looks and remember being very intrigued by their armor when I first saw it during the PoF launch, hoping they would eventually turn it into an outfit which will probably never happen at this point :,).

Either way, I wanted to see if I could recreate the cavalier armor, I looked at all three armor weight classes and I feel like I came closest with this set. Cohesion is tricky, so I tried to focus on the main silhouette and feel of the original armor; asymmetrical, mostly leather with cloth and some light metallic details. I tried to emulate those key points with this mix and stick with the theme of the desert-guard.

Let me know what you think or if you have some other armor piece recommendations I may have overlooked. I am fairly pleased with how it turned out, given how limited I felt to the possible armor pieces that seemed suitable for this look.

PS: the Warbeast leggings cloth parts tend to saturate differently in lighting, so it's always difficult to find a good dye match.

Armor & dyes;

Glorious Crown - Vintage Silver/Scarlet
Ebon Epaulets - Spitfire/Ruin/Cocoa
Elegy Gambeson - Ruin/VintageSilver/Antique Bronze
Elegy Gloves - Ruin/Antique Bronze/Ruin
Warbeast Pants - Antique Bronze/Charcoal/Spitfire
Funerary Shoes - Scarlet/Charcoal/Vintage Silver

-Whisper's Secret Staff
-Weaver's Sword/Silence of a Thousand Years


Yel Anya
I love this look a lot!
2021-08-17 16:10

Fashion Guru
Ah thank you! I struggled a bit to get the look right, so I appreciate that you enjoy it! :)
2021-08-18 16:14 in reply to Yel Anya

Fashion Guru
...I haven't given a full number of points for a while, but your presentation is really good from idea to implementation
2021-08-23 4:43

Fashion Guru
Oh wow, thank you so much! I felt a little uncertain of the look but I really appreciate your kind response! :)
2021-08-23 9:46 in reply to Frans

You were faster- I had the idea too, but no PvP header....
I like this very much, everything fits perfectly.
2021-09-14 13:49

Fashion Guru
Ah thank you so much! Now I'm curious as to how you would have done it!
2021-09-17 4:27 in reply to ieva

since I don't have the head armor (I don't play PvP), I started looking for a feasible design - so I ended up with a male character with heavy armor, which in the end didn't really convince me (
2021-09-20 6:33 in reply to TheKimmynator

Fashion Guru
Oh wow! I actually think u did really well, the helmet is a little hit or miss, the silhouette is there and the cloth is too, but the kodan chestpiece is really a great find!
2021-09-20 7:27 in reply to ieva

he he, someday we'll make partner look
2021-09-20 16:22 in reply to TheKimmynator

Fashion Guru
Ah we should! That would be fun! :D
2021-09-20 17:41 in reply to ieva