By Kalmar on May 11th, 2021
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Blue
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Meet Sunny. His In-game name is actually Sunny Prankset. He's quickly become my favorite character, and did an adventure to Divinity's Reach! Is it the end though? Or the beginning? Only time will tell for this go-lucky charr!

Sunny was a charr who always got into trouble in the farhar, and decided that life there didn't suit him. When he was old enough, as a four-teen year old, he set out, exploring Tyria. Or atleast, the not dangerous part of Tyria.


Help please. I just went with a look themed around the charr; not sure about the look altogether.

Armor Pieces:
(Dyes in order)
Helmet: Racing Goggles (Hidden) (Dyes: Enameled Sky, Enameled Sky, White, White)
Shoulder: Rascal Shoulders (Hidden) (Dyes: Earthen) (Accidental)
Chest: Rogue Coat (Dyes: Enameled Sky, White, White)
Gloves: Rascal Gloves (Dyes: Earthen, Walnut)
Legs: Noble Pants (Dyes: Enameled Sky, White)
Shoes: Studded Boots (Dyes: Enameled Sky, White, White)


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