Crusader of the Light

By Lira_Silverwing on April 19th, 2021
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Gold
Vote Breakdown
1 3
0 0
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"Put your faith in the light and nothing is impossible! Crusaders long thought gone, following the Light as a seperate entity, no gods, no Dragons just the light, feel it's warmth, let it radiate and pierce the veil of darkness and guide you through it!"

Inspired by paladins of many origins (though this one is no cosplay)

Items used:
Avenger's helm
Luminous Heavy pauldrons
Luminous heavy cuirass
Requiem Gauntlets
Triumphant hero's legplates
Mist shard Greaves
Astral cape
Lorekeeper weapons

Dyes used:
Gladium (metal)
sarcophagus (gold)
Warmth (cloth)
tarnished silver (cloth2)
destroyer orange (gloves and helm details / effects)
carnage orange (cape effect)

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I love it, you did such a nice job, Genesis is everything with the outfit, congrats ;) Fits the paladin theme 100.
2021-05-02 1:12

Fashion Collector
glad you like it! :D
2021-05-03 11:41 in reply to Scylla

Fashion Collector
I'm really stuck here...silver or gold?

On one hand great use of lorekeeper staff. The huge synergy between it and your breastplate cannot be ommited. The staff gives off the impression of a guardian of knowledge, a paladin, protecting the holy scrolls and knowledge of it's order. This in turn makes breastplate now serve that purpose. The intricate designs and strap of clothing across clearly give the impression of high class, refined knight, that fights for a higher cause. Rest of armor pieces do not detract from that impression.

The big disparity here is that aegis. You're a golden warrior top to boottom, even the glowing eyes. That gold is physical, and only the staff has delicate, tasteful light effects. And then pops out the uninvited aegis that has absolutely nothing to do with the look, or the message it's trying to relay.

And then we have another case of "brutal 2h weapon + small female arms". It's ok for her to have thin arms if it's a 1h sword or not overly massive staff (mages aren't professional weight lifters). But if you gonna walk around with a big massive thing like the genesis, your character should have arms to swing it.

So a silver from me cause there's no rank between gold and silver, which is how i feel.

Small tip for next time you do a guardian look session. You can make a new low level one (before f3 gets unlocked), than get low level gear and transmute it with your skins of choice. That way you can have a guardian photo shoot without aegis popping in uninvited all the time:)
2021-05-11 7:07