Elsa Icelance the Fire Weaver

By Slowpokeking on April 15th, 2021
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: White
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1 1
3 0
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I once wanted to create a water/Ice themed ele so I named her Elsa, but then found fire and red is better.


I like your armor choice (too bad I can't see shoes). But especially the colors fascinate me. Very good (and extraordinary) is mix of red and pink, which emphasize details and calm sand (or old gold) for rest.
What I do not like at all - this is your weapon choice. Especially staff doesn't match with anything here. I guess a Devoted Staff, Luminous Pillar (or any plain staff) would look better here (and not destroy such harmonious outfit). I can say almost the same about your screens. As I mentioned above, you can't see your outfit completely, because legs are cut off. To make better screens you can try under options ingame with zoom something (then we also see your character/outfit in the whole and not halved in the middle).
Therefore only silver from me
2021-04-16 5:11

I added a full shot, the shoe is Sorcerer's wear(human cultural armor set).

Hydra Staff might seem a bit savage, but its movement is cool and matches well with her smile.
2021-04-16 14:34 in reply to ieva