Eager Loremaster

By Aechcylous on April 12th, 2021
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Grey
Vote Breakdown
3 2
3 0
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A spiff, regal-looking, and well-dressed bookworm, ready to face the world. The grey works surprisingly well with the Gold Sheen Dye, and so was the main theme throughout. The gold along with the white accent complements the Grey as well.

[Not looking for suggestions/advice, simply sharing the outfit].

Dye channels still aren't working, see the fourth image!

Brown used: Ruin
Gold used: Gold Sheen
Grey used: Dry Silver


Fashion Guru
The combination of the chest and shoulders looks pretty good
2021-04-13 9:27

Headgear doesn't really match the rest of the outfit. I guess another mask or even hat would look better here (e.g. Aristocrat's Masque). Since chest piece has a lot of small details, I would also take other shoulder piece. Can be that is due to colors, but it seems to me too much put on, little harmonious. The colors themselves are ok. The boot color you used for this belt (book surface is also dark brown), but maybe use for a detail more to create balance.
The pictures are not zoomed enough. I also miss view from behind, side, in motion etc.
2021-04-14 0:57

Glad you're enjoying it Gewreid! I agree, it was a fortunate combination I found on accident!
2021-04-14 1:45

Fashion Collector
High points for originality. There's one reason I'll give you silver and not gold - the mask.

While rest is working on appearance of a wandering loremaster, the mask is right down menacing. It gives the impression that striking up a conversation with this particular sage might end up with your bloodied corpse in a nearby ditch.

If face needed to be obscured as to focus on the aspect of what he does rather than what he is, then there's a headpiece that has straps covering one's eyes and mouth. Or other choices. This is is some hannibal lecter/joker on his way to arkham from the library shit...
2021-05-11 7:30

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