By ieva on April 2nd, 2021
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Red
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The Maasai are an indigenous ethnic group in Africa of semi-nomadic people settled in Kenya and northern Tanzania. Due to their distinct traditions, customs and dress and their residence near the many national game parks of East Africa, the Maasai are among the foremost African ethnic groups and are known internationally because of their links to the national parks and reserves.
The Maasai are famous and easily recognizable thanks to their traditional robe, the Shuka; it is a bright-colored cloth (, predominantly red, wrapped around their lean and slender frames; red symbolizes Maasai culture and it is the color believed by these people to be able to scare off lions even from a great distance.
Maasai jewelry, created with beads and metal wire, are just as famous: men wear wrist or ankle bracelets, and sometimes belts and necklaces too, while women feature an explosion of color and jewelry: they wear tens of bracelets and big flat bead-decorated collars in various patterns and colors, that identify the clan they belong to and their social status.
The different colors of Maasai garments and jewelry are important because they reflect several aspects of their culture:
Blue is the color of the sky providing water in the form of rain, which is fundamental for the cattle;
White is the purity of milk, a staple food and source of energy;
Red is the most important color to the Maasai, it represents blood and a sort of protection against wild animals, it also stands for courage, strength and the unity within the Maasai nation.
Today I show you my Norn as a Maasai woman.
The idea is already a little older, but I was missing different parts to make my desired look. A few days ago I got Primitive Pillar, which was only available in PvP (and I didn't manage to unlock it). I used Raven Ceremonial Gown for my legs. My Norn wears white Taatoos to give the look some contrast (And to cover the taatos coming from chest armor). And instead of pearl necklace I made something more stylized and used a scarf. And the scarf merges with back item in one piece of fabric. I didn't use head armor (you can use any hoop for that) because it has taatoos. All this dyed in different shades of red.

So have fun with my Maasai :)

============== Apparently the page still doesn't work properly, can't use colors / armor parts tool at the moment========================
Armor Dyes:
Weapons: Primitive Pillar * Sharks Tooth Sword & Tiki Totem Schield


This is a superb representation of a true ethnic group that are so fascinating in their choice of costume, as well as their culture, and history. They have a very distinctive genetically determined body build which you reflected here. I see they also love bright sapphire blue too. Great job!
2021-04-07 8:32

I am glad you like my Maasai :)
2021-04-07 9:32 in reply to MeadowlarkSky

Wow this is perfect
2021-06-06 13:59

thanks for your compliment
2021-06-08 23:46 in reply to GummyBearSummoner