ADMIRAL - Eaten by Sharks?

By ieva on March 27th, 2021
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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9 1
2 0
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Rumors of a cyclone have already made the rounds in Lions Arch, but Admiral K.K. is holding course to the north - according to current knowledge, right into the middle of said storm.
The luxury sailing vessel, which like The Skimming Stone belonged to the Corsair Flotilla, rammed a rock on 1328 AE, whereupon it was wrecked along with its high-net-worth crew and jewels now worth several million gold - only 1 of the nearly 600 people on board survived. The ship, which like its model had been considered unsinkable, subsequently became known as the "Lady K.K". Incidentally, most of the treasures on board are probably still lying at the bottom of the sea. Little is known about Admiral K.K.'s further fate... Maybe she would be eaten by sharks.

The Profane Shoes and Elonian Mantle skins were something like non-sellers for me - in my inventory for months (or even years?) and unused. So I thought about what I could do with them... when I got the Warlord armor (WvW skirmish reward rail) I thought of an Admiral (male version I showed under Napoleon). So I took Aetherblade Light Vest Skin, Warlord's Crown and created a noble corsair look. After some consideration I added pirate weapons. This fits the maritime theme and makes the look a bit more exciting.
The biggest challenge was matching the armor colors. I haven't had such different colorable parts in a long time...
Second challenge was - to make a picture of her as a castaway under water with headgear instead of the Breathing apparatus :)

I hope you have fun with my Admiral !

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Armor Dye:
Weapons: Pirate Cane + Pirate Crook


What a great look! :D U never disappoint :o
2021-03-27 14:09

thank you for compliment :)
2021-03-27 22:50 in reply to Wubbelglubsch