Pact Ranger, Icebrood Campaign

By UltraEM on March 7th, 2021
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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I love the military-style coat of the Warlord armor, so I tried to build a look around that. The concept here is that my Sylvari Soulbeast is part of a Pact ranger unit, and the coat is a new campaign uniform for operations in the cold climate of Northern Tyria during the Icebrood Saga. She customized the uniform with armor pieces she acquired as a longtime veteran of the Pact: Carapace armor forged during the Silverwastes campaign, a Dragonbone longbow from a Guardian comrade she lost in the Mordremoth War, and the Elonian vambraces she wore in battles against Joko and Kralkatorrik.

I included two dye variants for this look: one for the Woodland Cascades and one for the Far Shiverpeaks (only chest and hat colors are changed)

Armor: Stalwart Helm, Carapace Shoulderpads, Warlord's Brigandine, Elonian Vambraces, Carapace Leggings, Luminous Medium Greaves, Rox's Quiver (+Wreath of Cooperation for when I want my head and face to be visible)

Dyes (Woodland): Shale, White Gold, Marine, Taupe, Midnight Blue, Fern, Ivory, Mocha, Blue Steel, Dusty Grape, Cashmere, Natural
Dyes (Shiverpeaks): Glint's Isolation, White Gold, Ivory, Olive Silk, Taupe, Midnight Blue, Mocha, Blue Steel, Dusty Grape, Cashmere, Natural

Weapons: Dragonhunter's Longbow, Bright Inquisitor Greatsword


I like skillfully used break in style - the butterfly on shoulder is perfect here - fits well with the Sylavri and Ranger. I don't like the gloves, but that's just my personal taste.... Your weapon choice is also interesting - the bright green matches the green sylvari skin. The colors on armor I like too, though I can imagine the (instead of blue you used) any "green" color (turquoise, pistachio etc) would set whole more interesting accent.
So you have my gold :)
2021-03-07 2:09

I really like the idea and theme behind this one.
It definitely has that disciplined militaristic touch to it while still retaining a personal touch.
The Dragonhunter Longbow is a great choice for a ranger as well and matches the dyes of the paler mountain version especially well.
The left side of the carapace shoulder looks a bit bulky on the armor but i love the butterfly so that can't be helped.

On the green dye version, i was wondering wether trying to dye the cloth a similar tone to her skin color would work?
2021-03-07 10:49