Ice corrupted

By axventa266 on January 7th, 2021
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Blue
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I searching to use dominion tribune gauntlet, but i dont know how to combine it with the rest of the character and have coerency,

Cat-Ear Hood:
Electro Blue Shadow abyss
Shadow abyss Shy peach

Corsais Jerkin:
Shadow abyss Shadow abyss
Electro blue Electro blue

Dominion Tribune Manica:
Shadow abyss
Electro blue Shadow abyss

Corsair Leggins:
Shadow abyss Electro blue
Shadow abyss Electro blue

Myst Shard Greaves:
Shadow abyss
Electro blue Shadow abyss

Shrine Guardian:
Permafrost Summer Sky
Shadow abyss Shadow abyss


Food for thought: Those pants since they are poofy at the top and slim on the bottom you could go with more fitting shoes/boots.
Those gloves are not a simple thing to pair so nice one going for an outfit with it.
This outfit has a lot going for it :)
2021-05-03 13:22

Actually i have hate/love with the trousers, i like the poofy part, but i hate the slim part, and that why im triyin to hide that part.
Gloves its the important part because its why i want to try to make a ice corrupted look.
The helmet, actualy im testing to use the shadow eyes tatoo for make more focus in eyes, but that hood its the more "normal" i can found.
the chest i dont know what do with it, show mor skin or not.
and the colors of all the set, use black and blue or only blue or what xD
2021-05-09 8:53 in reply to Lexomator