Master of the Lodge

By TheKimmynator on December 5th, 2020
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Brown
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A giantess, broad and strong like Ox herself.

I gave my norn guardian a make-over! (Really happy with her look, her face profile is one of my faves)
After giving her red hair and a fairer skin, a new armourlook was in order.

I wanted to create a look for a norn of prominence, a new Master of the Lodge. In an attempt to achieve this, I used a rich blue to contrast her warm fiery hair and added gold details for an opulent feel. I kept most of the colours muted and leathery for that is what I generally like and I felt it suited the look best.

In order to keep her looking strong, I gave her big, chunky, fur-lined armor pieces to add broadness to her shoulders and overall posture. I ofcourse wanted to keep the armour practical, for she should be an incredible fighter and explorer. She's been there, done that and forged a hefty legend, making her a norn of status.

As she is known for her boldness and her fiery red locks, I thought it would be quite a statement to give her no helmet.


Shoulders: Houndskin Mantle - White/Bronze/Midnight Fire
Chest: Ascalonian Protector Breastplate - Midnight Bronze/Prosperity/Starry Night
Gloves: Dolyak Gauntlets - Bronze/Starry Night/Midnight Bronze
Legs: Body of Koda - Prosperity/Starry Night/Oil Slick
Boots: Dolyak Greaves - Bronze/Midnight Fire/Fog

Back: Winter Monarch Cape - Shadow Blue/Dijon/Icing/Ivory


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