the assassin of the snow

By Wolfrang_Stromhills on September 2nd, 2020
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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“Because of this desire for answers, I have had to leave many allies behind and even take the lives of those who stand in my way” - Wolfrang Stromhills.

Wolfram is a charr looking for a specific person to find out what really happened to his warband. At this moment his journey for answers has led him to the coldest parts of tyria. Now his journey is interrupted by the arrival of the ancient dragon jormag, and like all those who stand in his way, Wolfrang will make sure to pay for the consequences.

Sorry for my english.

Armor and dye.

Head: Subterfuge Hood
Dye: Alpine/ Celestial/ Midnight ice.

Shoulders: Medium Houndskin Mantle
Dye: Mahogany/ Ceslestial / Midnight ice.

Coat: Carapace Jerkin
Dye: Midnight Ice / Alpine / Celestial.

Gloves: Drover Gloves
Dye: Alpine x2 / Celestial.

Leggings: Marshal's Elonian Leggings
Dye: Alpine / Celestial.

Boots: Sneakthief Sandals
Dye:Alpine / Celestial.


Fashion Guru
Armor combo looks fine and I appreaciate combination of different skins, that looks like well-fit outfit :) I like the non-clipping hood (how rare!), leaving space for horns, and the contrast of the mantle.I would only like to see more screens of this Charr, otherwise it looks good and it's not necessary to shine as the star to be worthy gold ;-)
2020-12-03 16:15