My Norn Commander, still fighting

By TheKimmynator on August 27th, 2020
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Brown
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A new set of armor for this norn Commander.

She's been around for years, seen and slain three elder dragons and their champions, making her an actual dragon hunter. She killed a rogue human god and nearly saw the spirits of the wild cease to exist.

Yet the threats do not stop, so neither does she stop fighting...

I created this look for my guardian, staying close to traditional norn looks, yet making it look grand and impressive. I ended up using the Stag helm for it has a certain elegance to it. I really wanted to use parts of the Bear Ceremonial armor, for my guardian follows the Bear spirit as her guide. I considered using the Bear ceremonial hood, but it became too much fur and took away some of the elegance.

I also struggled with the boots, a lot of boots look deformed on norn, compared to how they fit on humans so the current boots looked the most flattering and balanced out the overall shape of the look.

Stag Hounskull: Walnut/Perseverance/Walnut
Houndskin Mantle: Celestial/Perseverance/Walnut
Braham's Chestplate: Walnut/Charcoal/Redemption/Silver Satin
Braham's Gauntlets: Walnut/Walnut/Brass
Bear Ceremonial Leggings: Celestial/Walnut/Walnut
Glorious Wargreaves: Walnut/Perseverance


I think the idea with Stag Hounskull is great! Maybe Bounty Hunter's Gauntlets for hands (because of the spikes), that would complement the whole thing. But very well done, you have my gold
2020-08-28 5:44

Very well put together! Great screens and dye combinations :)
2020-08-28 11:01

Fashion Guru
Great shots, love the colours of the screens
2020-09-25 5:14

It looks really well done! I'm not a huge fan of helmets for female characters but this one makes the whole outfit look on point!
2021-09-27 8:44