Chaos Warrior

By Lira_Silverwing on August 8th, 2020
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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"Chaos Warriors are evil Men who have chosen to forsake their former lives and give themselves wholly to the service of Chaos to become instruments of destruction. Many, but not all, come from the ranks of the Northmen tribes that inhabit the Chaos Wastes in the northern regions of the Old World."

An originally put together set that turned out to look fittingly enough to be called a chaos warrior

I always liked to try and use rampart set effectively and while using darkness as a color i found out that when used on heritage pants it gave off a rather fitting tone, matching it more to the rampart set

Character used: Bolvär Fordragon
Locations: Ember bay, Desert highlands
Class: Warrior

_____Items Used_____
Dragonrender Heavy helm
Rampart Pauldrons
Rampart Warplate
Rampart Gauntlets
Heritage Legplates
Rampart Warboots
Dragon's watch cape

_____Dyes Used_____
Darkness (main metal color)
Enameled Crimson (main red color)
Grave (for lighter parts)
Ember red (for darker red parts)

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Fashion Guru
I love it! It's very traditional, a sort of dark knight vibe but if you look closer it's still very different, gold for sure!
2020-08-10 12:02

Fashion Collector
thanks glad you like it! :D
2020-08-10 13:45 in reply to TheKimmynator