Móðguðr * - GUARDIAN of the Bridge

By ieva on August 4th, 2020
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: White
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* In Norse mythology, Móðguðr (Modgud, "Furious Battler") refers to the female guardian of the bridge over the river Gjöll ("Noisy"), Gjallarbrú. She allowed the newly dead to use the bridge to cross from one side of the river Gjöll to the other if the soul stated his or her name and business, and possibly in turn prevented the dead beyond the river from crossing back over Gjöll into the lands of the living.

Strong, self-confident and feminine: the legendary Valkyries may have had real role models in ancient Nordic culture, researchers report. According to them, the relatively high status of women is reflected in the characteristics of human remains from the Viking Age. According to them, many women in Scandinavia at that time had the same access to resources as men, which suggests a high status. The pronounced equality between men and women in the countries of the North today could thus be rooted in this tradition, the scientists say.
When the term Viking is used nowadays, it usually refers to the population group that lived in Northern to Central Europe, especially in the Scandinavian region, from the end of the 8th century until the middle of the 11th century. Originally, however, the term does not refer to an ethnic group, but rather to the craft of warlike seafaring.
In addition, representations of female Vikings can also be found in Old Norse craftsmanship. Numerous silver figures, pendants or brooches show women armed with sword, spear and shield.
But do the pictures and stories tell of mythical beings or are they images of reality? These sources cannot be read as simple factual reports. The stories were written down only after centuries of oral tradition. The chronicles were written centuries after the time of which they report. These stories and pictures cannot prove the real existence of the Viking warriors, but they do prove one thing: At least the idea of female warriors definitely existed in Viking culture.
Here is a Viking woman idea for light armour or my improvisation for Virgin Modgud - Guardian of the Bridge to Beyond. I hope you like her.
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Armor Dyes: https://i.imgur.com/GBj12Op.jpg


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