the Arcane Phoenix (Variant)

By Lira_Silverwing on August 2nd, 2020
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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Burned by Arcane Fire , reborn from it's ashes as the embodiment of Arcane Fire and rebirth! behold the Guardian of the Arcane Phoenix Flame!

An original variation on my Emerald set, this time with the Phoenix wings in an arcane setting.

Character: Lira Silverwing
Location: Lyssa's Reliquary in Siren's Landing
Class: Guardian

____Items Used____
Aurene's Crystalline Diadem
Blossoming Mist Shard Pauldrons
Mistward Plate
Blossoming Mist Shard Gauntlets
Bear Ceremonial Leggings
Blossoming Mist Shard Greaves
Vermillion wings backpack
Fractal / heroic dragonsblood weapons
Favor of the Colossus (torch)
Veilrender (axe)
The Binding of ipos (focus)
Eclipse (greatsword)

____Dyes Used____
Ghost (main metal color)
Crystal (for the diadem)
Cobolt (cloth/fur colors)
Arcane (main effect color)
Irish blush (effect for the chest and Mist shard crystals)
Gold fusion (edging on boots, gloves to match the leggings)
Electro purple (edging on the leggings)
shattered (tips of the wings)
darkness (first dye slot of the wings)

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Fashion Guru
Excellent work! Very purple without being overwhelming or one-note. You even brought pieces together that I would not have assumed would work together.
2020-08-03 14:13

Fashion Collector
thank you :D glad you like it! the problem i have with this set is that i end up liking it to much, hence the (variant) note works well in: emerald, bloodstone, arcane, ice themes
2020-08-03 14:46 in reply to Chiorydax

Blue Phoenix
Ahhhh this looks sooo cool, Gotta use this on my Mesmer if I motivate myself to get the skins
2021-01-06 11:47

Fashion Collector
would love to see the result :D glad you like it!
2021-01-19 6:36 in reply to Blue Phoenix