May KODA's blessing guide you

By ieva on June 13th, 2020
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Grey
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A Brazier of Koda is a very large metal bowl on a wide base, which is decorated with Koda symbols and drawings.In it burns the spirit of fire. The Kodan received the Braziers of Koda as protection against the freezing cold of the ice dragon Jormag. Without the protective fire, the area would be dominated by the cold and dominated by the icebreed.
Flamebearer: In the beginning the Ancient One told the first kodan to watch and learn, protect and guide the world's spirit.
Some kodan guided the spirits of stone. Others the spirits of water. Of plants and birds and creeping things.
From Koda's eye, our tribe accepted the spirit of fire. Small and meek, it could only go where the kodan carried it.
As we carried the spirit, it grew in size and speed. Suddenly, it carried itself. spreading throughout the world.
Go now. Carry the spirit of fire as my forebears did. Watch and learn how it grows larger and faster.
With new Bear Ceremonial Leggings I created a shaman look. A Norn Shaman in search of Koda's wisdom. I haven't got the new Bear Ceremonial yet so I took Head of Koda (which looks very similar with heavy armor). As a shoulder I found Braham's Pauldron with claws fit quite well. Some screens have a different chest part and gloves (I don't know which one I like better).First I took the Gladiator armor chest part because of the fur (unfortunately the coloring changes according to the area/illumination too different to the other armour parts).Then I decided to wear a simple chain mail, which in turn goes well with the metal parts on my boots and head...The colours are kept in different shades of grey, a bit adapted to Koda coat colour. As weapons I found matching norn weapons.
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Absolutely love this! Very cool idea!
2020-06-14 7:16

Thanks for compliment :)
2020-06-14 18:22 in reply to Hoba