Back home... but not for long.

By Gabriel on May 14th, 2020
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Black
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I'm a Norn, blessed and guided by the Wolf, my path tracks many places from, Silverwastes to Cursed Shore, in the Deserts and in the jungle; and in my path throughout Tyria i conquered my glory and make my legend grow. But it was a long way.

When i was a kid i had a vision, and in that vision i saw Wolf, guiding me through the woods.
In the beginnign i was reluctant about my spirit. I always fought alone, in the brawnls, challenges, even in the Great Hunt i defeted the beast alone.
Bear -i thought - would be more fitting to me, but why Wolf?
That question hauted me for a long time, so i asked Wolf for a sign of what should i do... and i received. A journey was presented to me and i march toward the unknown.
I confess for the first year a just wandered through Tyria, killing enemies til i find one who could defeat me. I was, more than ever, angry with Wolf. In this journey i was fighting alone, again. But then i met General Almorra Soulkeeper and she invited me to the Vigil. There i found myself, there i finally understood why Wolf. In the vigil i understood the strengh of the pack. There i also made great friends and lost great friends as well, but i will remember them forever. Now i'm back in Hoelbrak, looking not so Norn by the influence of the vigil, but i'm home, after all this years. I went to the ice see the bawlers, to remember my times fights and ale, i went to Wolf Lodge, visit some old friends, and now i'm parting to Bjora Marches to find new advntures. But something is strange. The mensage from Almorra is worrying me, so i must hurry. i hope i don't get to late.

Now, to the style

Head: Warlor's Plate Helm. No particular reason for that, i just think it's cool.

Shoulders: Ebon Pauldrons: The style was built over this piece.

Chest: Illustrious Breastplate. The intricat details of the armor match, very well in my opinion, with the details of the soulders

Gloves: Triumphant Hero's Gauntlets: About this piece, I thought that matchs exceptionally well due to the spikes and tha way is colored.

Leggings: Heavy Corsair Leggings: This part of the armor, including the boots, i made
thinking about the comfort of the adventurer and in terms of mobility, thats way a picked up some thing that look light and agile.

Boots: Warlord's Wargreaves: Continuing from the leggings, the boots were chosen by it's similarities with graves (not so surprising due the name).

Back: Prince Rurik's Vanguard Cape. I think it maches the style.

For weapons i used the etched weapons to match (or feature something that resemble a norn caracteristic). In this style and pictures i didn't show much of weapons and is something that i looking forward to fix.

NOTE: for some reason, i'm no able to specify the colors now, but i'll try later, so for now i'll list here

Helm: 1 Graphite; 2 Dust;
Shoulders: 1 Abyss; 2 Graphite; 3 Shadow Abyss
Chest: 1 Graphite; 2 Abyss; 3 Abyss
Gloves: 1 Shadow Abyss; 2 Graphite; 3 Eerthen
Leggings: 1 Black; 2 Earthen; 3 Earthen; 4 Abyss
Boots: 1 Pottery; 2 Ash; 3 Ash; 4 black;
Cape/back: 1 Abyss; 2 Shadow Abyss; 3 Earthen; 4 Abyss


2020-05-14 22:56

I like that
2020-05-17 9:28

I get mad Apollyon vibes from For Honor in this one. Super cool!
2020-05-17 17:56

Looks great, love the practical look!
2020-05-29 6:12