Forward Commander

By Lira_Silverwing on May 6th, 2020
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Grey
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The hub of the centaur occupation of Kessex Hills, Overlord's Greatcamp, poses a constant threat to Fort Salma. With its great siege engines primed, the fortress stands ready for war.

— Seraph Soldier Belad

When the centaurs began to push, we pushed back!

That's the idea of this armor, a foreward command heavy handed commander based to inspire troops from within the frontlines.

Character: Aurora Sanguinar
Location: Hrathi Hinterlands
____Items Used____
Warlord's Plate helm
Heavy Houndskin Mantle
Luminous Heavy Cuirass
Triumphant Gauntlets
Mist Shard Tassets
Mist Shard Greaves
Runic Cape
The Punisher (hammer)
Blood Legion Staff
Glint's sanctuary (for light tinted armor parts)
Ember red (for edging/ cloth adornings)
Ghost (main metal color)
Ancient silver (fur and under garments)