Jaina Proudmoore From world-of-warcraft BFA [Cossplay]

By Lira_Silverwing on May 5th, 2020
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Blue
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"Beware ... Beware ... the daughter of the sea...." -sea chanty: Daughter of the sea

A look inspired by Jaina Proudmoore from the Battle For Azeroth expansion.
I went for BFA since i found the gloves she had look interesting, using dhuum gloves with the top caused the majority of the glove to devolve to just a pair of small gloves instead of gauntlets, keeping the "pointy" fingers.

So yeah here she is Jaina Proudmoore!

Character: Jaina Pröudmoore
Location: Lion's Arch
____Items Used:____
Raven Ceremonial Hood
Student Mantle
Heritage Greatcoat
Gloves of Dhuum
Stately Leggings
Illustrious Footwear
Winter Monarch Cape
Heroid Dragonsblood Staff

____Dyes Used____
Alpine (major color-
Flare (edging for darker edges)
Antique gold (edging for Lighter edges)
white (for the corsage and detail parts)
sandstorm (to mimic gold for the darker edging part)
Illumination (for the cloak edging)
Electro Blue (for the cloak's 4th channel (magic))

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Perfect recreation I love it.
2020-05-07 6:53

Fashion Collector
glad you love it! :D
2020-05-07 8:40 in reply to Mexis-Maximus