Abaddon's Corruption

By Lira_Silverwing on May 5th, 2020
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Red
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A look inspired by the Abaddon weapon set.
And a what if look if Abaddon managed to corrupt the likes of Dhuum!
it's one of those looks where you'd think "hmm everything falls neatly into place"

Character: Thadeus Plagueborn
Location: Bloodstone Fen

_____Items used:_____
Skullcap of Dhuum
Mantle of Dhuum
Bladed Vestments
Jackal Rune Gauntlets
Bladed Pants
Jackal Rune Greaves
Runic Cape
Abaddon weapons

_____Dyes Used:_____
Darkness (for metal parts)
Bloody Red (for cloth parts)
Shadow Red (secondary metal parts)
Shadow Abyss (for the jackal parts between the "rocks")
Tarnished silver (for the eyes and runes to mimic the color in the middle of the Abaddon magic parts)

Infusion: Polysaturating Reverberating infusion (red) -> important for the red glow to contrast the dark of the armor

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Fashion Guru
Awesome look, very ominous, love the red screenshots, good location pick. Gold!
2020-05-05 15:27

Fashion Guru
Thanks ;D
2020-05-05 16:21 in reply to TheKimmynator

Fashion Guru
You've done a lot of Cosplays but I have to say I appreciate your own looks a lot more. Keep them up.
2020-05-06 4:04

Fashion Guru
heh thanks :D
2020-05-06 7:45 in reply to Dace

Fashion Guru
Just for Skullcap of Dhuum meaningful use I give you gold (Other armor parts are not very creative)
2020-05-14 7:55

Fashion Guru
do elaborate
2020-05-14 12:29 in reply to Frans

insane brow
2021-09-07 20:03

Fashion Guru
thanks ! Glad you like it :)
2021-09-18 15:49 in reply to SethBarba

I love the red heavy armor look even though is light. perfect!
2022-07-03 19:56

Victoriana Volturi
I remember the hunt for this helm! FIERCE!
2022-09-09 19:32