My Ranger Commander

By TheKimmynator on May 3rd, 2020
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
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My most recent look I came up with for my main character.

Through this look I tried to portray some sense of a battle hardened commander who's been places, killed stuff and has no intention of retiring anytime soon. She's faced many trials and tribulations and has overcome them all.

I wanted to stick to leathery browns because that's what I personally associate with ranger armor. I also wanted to use the new Runic armor because it has some good potential, it looks high-end, expensive and like high quality armor, it just took a while to find a cohesive mix.

Armor & dyes:
Head: Falconer's Mask - Cocoa / Prosperity
Shoulders: Rubicon Shoulderpads - Fog / Dark Chocolate / Cocoa
Chest: Runic Hunter's Coat - Khaki / Prosperity / Fog / Peanut Butter
Gloves: Luminous Medium Gauntlets - Fog / Dark Chocolate / Prosperity
Leggings: Stride of Koda - Dark Chocolate / Midnight Fire / Fog
Shoes: Luminous Medium Greaves - Fog / Dark Chocolate / Cocoa / Prosperity


I like the new Runic armor. It's a nice mix. And gold from me
2020-05-04 1:34

Fashion Guru
Thanks! The runic armor is beautiful right? It somehow reminds me a lot of the Eye of the North armors in GW1.
2020-05-04 15:04 in reply to ieva

Fashion Collector
Love it :D
2020-06-21 13:16