Don't Fear the Reaper (can't upload armor, bugged?)

By TheKimmynator on April 12th, 2020
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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3 2
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Don't fear the reapress, her arrival is inevitable...

A sort of scavenger look, regal yet unholy, a certain amount of otherworldliness, ancient and mysterious, a terrifying silhouette.

Seductive yet menacing.

[Head]: Raven Helm - Midnight Ice / Shadow Abyss / Sand
[Shoulders]: Raven Mantle - Midnight Ice / Shadow Abyss / Sand
[Chest]: Incarnate Vest - Black / Iron / Sand
[Gloves]: Bounty Hunter's Gloves - Abyss / Charred / Antique Bronze / Midnight Ice
[Legs]: Whisper's Secret Leggings - Iron / Sand / Sand
[Boots]: Bounty Hunter's Shoes - Abyss / Antique Bronze / Midnight Ice

Desert King Greatsword


I love how everything fits together so well, the armor especially the mask, the weapon and the surrounding you took the screenshots (^^)b
2020-04-15 16:19

Fashion Guru
Thanks so much! :D
2020-04-16 3:47 in reply to Melfyrioe

This whole outfit comes together exceptionally well; the screenshots do it even more justice. It's simple, yet has complimenting color choices that brings out each piece of the set. I dig the look!
2020-04-16 13:08

Fashion Guru
i was first doubting when i saw the weapon, though upon reading the description i was immediatly sold, the screenshots helped that too! good job have a gold!
2020-05-06 8:43

Fashion Guru
Ohno were you thinking more of a scythe weapon for this look? Which makes sense, cus it's a classic reaper item hehe. I just wanted to do something different :D
2020-05-06 9:37 in reply to Lira_Silverwing