Revolutionist V2

By Egon on March 5th, 2020
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: White
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Ah, that Asura's unreliable piece of crap!

Gratto find out that the Wexx rifle he invented before in cooperation with Asura is unreliable, he is not able to repair it, and it also betrayed him right in the middle of gunfight. Well, back to Charr technology - Ironsight will be the best one!
This gave him a lot of headache - he find out that those gloves and shoulders are not the thing he would like to wear, they still had a sense of old steampunk times. Let's start out a new era in engineer's fashion, hah! There comes the style. He knew how would he shape it, but was unsure on dyes. Command from above he got, to patrol through the snowy areas, decided instead of him. New dye combo will be ready for upcoming cold era. At least they have thermal lakes there, so you can warm yourself. It's also great place for thinking! He heard about Jormag being more active. Raising numbers of Svanir in his patrol area confirm his thought. Time to match the cold background? There may be snow everywhere, if things go bad. He just hoped that it will not happen.

- - -
I upgraded my armor set for my engi! Among Charr, he looks really futuristic. I was so lucky to drop Ebon shoulders, and only one I was missing was the medium one. So I added them for my engi and made him white, that's all the story. :D

Shoulders - Ebon
Chestpiece/Coat - Mist Shard
Gloves - Radiant
(I really wanted to use them! Why would we drop it as an achievement when we do not take that challenge to create a fitting armor set with them? Hm? :) )
Pants - Studded
Boots - Mist Shard

Rifle - Ironsight
Dyes - Darkness, Patina, Eternal Ice


Aldon Vinetwig
Fashion Collector
I love the clean white colour of the armour. :)
2020-03-07 22:25

Fashion Guru
Thank you ;-)
2020-03-08 6:18 in reply to Aldon Vinetwig

Fashion Guru
Looks great, and wonderful screenshots as well
2020-05-31 4:26

Fashion Guru
Thank you! :3
2020-06-04 15:03 in reply to shopaholic