Destiny Breaker V4

By Egon on February 23rd, 2020
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Red
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Upgraded version of my fierce elementalist :)
Did some crafting, and made Elegy armor! Now he looks much more elegant, but still bold, strong, and aggresive, as the Blood legion legionnaire should be.

As the equipment form still doesn't work, here are the armor pieces:
Headpiece - Mask of the Silent
Shoulders - Elegy
Chestpiece - Mist Shard
Gloves - Carapace
Pants - Elegy
Boots - Seer

Daggers are Adamant Guard.
Dyes: Darkness, Abyss, Imperial Red, Bloodstone Coral, Celestial, Midnight Gold

- - -

What was his destiny? Not to survive. At least his mother was thinking that way. Being raped by Flame Legion scums, that couldn't bring anything good, she knew. And Brutus Ragedefy is not the good-natured Charr.

He realized his own story much later, from the gossips in the Citadel. His mother, raped, soon gave a life to the beast, filled with the anger and magical power. She wasn't able to carry being known for having a cub with "Sire" from the Flame legion lines. She threw the cub away, and left him alone in the Ascalonian ruins. But some Priory scholars found him, and took him to the Citadel. They were surprised - the cub was unnnaturally hot, and his eyes were blood-red. Soon they realized - Brutus was always filled with anger, ferocius, and also got a gift from his "Sire" - ability to handle the elemental magic, especially the fire. As he grew up, more and more he hated his powers. There was only one thing he hated more than himself - those Flame legion idiots, who caused him being the monster!

To prove being usable, and not connected to the Flame, Brutus joined the Blood legion with his own temper - he immediately refused being positioned in the back line of the battle formation. He wanted to be in the first line, not leaving any Flame legion scums alive. Fighting with his own brutal rage, refusing to use magics, if not necessary, just killing with claws, and hot iron. By mastering the slaying of enemy Charrs, he soon got promoted in Blood legion. Brutus knew just one thing - he will never stop, until the last Flame legion scum will be dead.


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