By Egon on February 12th, 2020
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Black
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3 2
0 1
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He was not nicknamed Greysoul for no reason. They knew the potentional. They knew that inside him, yet he did not admit it. Starting as whitey guardian, to safe others. Bah! Not anymore. All these acts were false. He could not stop it. Those dark tendrils inside his head started to corrupt him.. But he is stronger then they thought. He knew there is nagging feeling to kill. To kill more. To feel and smell the blood. He knew he has to to find a way to calm it and release his anger. So he became a plague for all the hostile beasts.

- - -

Hello! I know, another edit of my guardian. And my guess is that this one is balanced. With a kind help of @Deathblade Kenny I created total opposite of common guardians, a true badass. Thank you for that Kenny. I changed the fur as well. Weapons are supposed to fit the theme, and the blue flame from the scepter to fit the skills (in paradox, the burning ones).

As the equipment form is still out of order, here you go:
Headpiece - Mask of the Silent
Shoulder piece - Braham's
Chestpiece - Braham's
Gloves - Bounty Hunter's
Pants - Legion
Boots - Braham's
Backpack - Mursaat

Dyes - Darkness in general, Blue whale, Enameled Embaze, Redemption, Perservance (I guess) for thorns and claws on the gloves, to fit the shoulder piece.

Weapons - Scepter & greatsword - Modniir, Focis is Beastslayer.


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