Mist White Walker

By B R I T on June 14th, 2019
Race: Asura
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Blue
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An update from my original look: http://tiny.cc/dvu97y

She has set themes that are based around the mechanical aspect of her gear (extra points for being an Asuran), the cold nature that my character represents (as well as hinting towards my favourite type of zones in GW games), as well as my favourite colour in the world... Blue.

The combination of the Spinal back-piece, the Asuran T3 coat's "Power glove", and Bolt (which is placed on the hand of said "glove") represents the technical prowess that Asurans have. Paired with the choice of hairstyle with its headband (and colour), as well as the SAB (blue) Focus really adds to the Race's theme.

The difference this time around from my last look, aside from the new armour pieces, are the added effects of multiple Infusions to help this character stand out. All of them (bar one, in future will be replaced) stack together to create this wintery look, paired with the shoulder and helm skin gives it a "white walker" feel. With the Blue being represented elsewhere, the choice of skin effects were left to the cold white nature.

3 Ghostly
1 Winter's Heart
1 Snow Diamond
1 Polysaturating Reverberating Gray
1 Cele Blue (lost its effect in the stack, will be replaced in future)

The Blue nature is also modelled around the Foefire Essence GS, which when paired with the Ghostly Infusions sells the "cold" theme really well - the supernatural effect of how a ghost would make people feel. Keeping with the supernatural blue, in comes the Chaos glove to add an extra shine which fits when holding not only the Foefire GS, but also Bolt and the SAB Focus.

The new amour additions; Etherbound Greaves and Mist Shard Breeches updates the look to fit better with the rest of the set and to my characters edgy nature, while the Etherbound effects compliments my whole look without overbearing it.

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I like your character but to me a bit scary eyes and I would not use that back item.
2019-06-28 0:58

Thanks. The scary eyes is a result of Glint's Gaze mixed with the Infusions. I decided to keep them that way, as in the end it worked for me.... that and white walkers are meant to be scary.

That backpiece is the only remaining piece from what look this toon had back during Vanilla (except it was the Red version, themed around Twilight and the Phantom's Hood; https://i.imgur.com/zAX2Kjs.jpg). It was also back in the days when I hated Bolt because it didn't go with ANY gear I liked... until I got the Spinal backpiece and saw that there was a blue version.

In short that backpiece has a sentimental value to me, so since it's release I've moulded my look to have it fit with what I have on from 2014-present.

There's a 99.9% chance I'll keep that backpiece, along with the T3 coat and Bolt, on until ANet shuts GW2 down!

2019-06-28 19:52 in reply to Tigris

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