The Golden Guard

By Aldon Vinetwig on June 3rd, 2019


This isn't a "look" necessarily. It's just my guild of gorgeous golden guys!

The Golden Guard was founded by Ollerio, with Emden at his side, shortly after they got back from the Maguuma Jungle after Mordremoth was killed.
In the following months they made numerous trips back to the jungle, and during that time added Ptolemy, and then Jask, to their numbers.

Then, during a stay at the Priory, Ollerio met Siddry and they became close. Siddry joined the guild, but remained at the Priory to continue his research. He receives weekly ravens from Ollerio asking him to join them out in the field. At this stage he has not answered them. Hence why he is not pictured above.

Aobin is the most recent recruit. He joined them shortly before heading South to chase down Balthazar. He'd been too young to fight in the war against Mordremoth, but he'd been out to the jungle a few times since the death of the jungle dragon.

The Guild Ledger:

Ollerio Diatari - Leader - Ebonhawke - 27 - Berserker
Emden Elmridge - Second - Shaemoor - 26 - Dragonhunter
Ptolemy Tomislav - Third - Zephyrite - 25 - Chronomancer
Jask Mosseyes - Healer - Nebo Terrace - 23 - Druid
Siddry Su - Researcher - Claypool - 25 - Holosmith
Aobin Roscovi - Newbie - Rurikton - 20 - Weaver


basically a bunch of twinks, we stan!
2019-06-05 9:31

Aldon Vinetwig
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yassss XD
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That screenshot is pure gold, I love it.
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