Hayden Flint

By Vetkin on April 21st, 2019
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
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Hayden Flint

34 years old, former officer in the legendary VII. company of ebonhawke.
Trained in ranged combat, specialized in rifle usage.

He lost his mother when she gave birth to him. His dad raised him in a small house near the center of ebonhawke. With 16 years his grandpa Randall Flint signed him into the ebonhawke military. Hayden spent the first two years training war dogs and was allowed to do spywork on various edges of upcoming battles. After he had proven himself, the IV. and III. company joined together and forged the VII. company. With new positions to staff, his comrades praised Hayden's reliable work and high morale so the military promoted him to an official. His job was to form the line of battle to ebonhawke's favor, forward important commands to the officers and keep up the morale amongst the soldiers.
Six years later he fought in the battle of Thunderbreak where his company lost their commander and was on the edge of extinction. They won but it came at a high price.
After a new commander, Azaíah, was found, Hayden got trained in ranged combat. Rifles, pistols and the bow were his tools for the next few years and his ambition and skills brought him the rank of an officer at later stages of war.
After the VII. company got defeated and disbanded in a brutal battle, he and a few fellow comrades were able to flee. With the money he saved from his career, he bought back his parent's home which his father lost due to a bad fiscal year for his father.
He now makes a living with hunting assignments and training courses for the military of ebonhawke.

Weapon: Gallant Rifle

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Fashion Guru
Nice story you wrote. Only your 2 (too few) screens are not very good (one quite dark, others somehow blurry). Because of this only silver
2019-04-22 8:31

Fashion Guru
really like your Cover. ;)
2019-04-22 9:22