ANATOMY of the Sylvari

By ieva on April 19th, 2019


Today I show the anatomy of the Sylvari. The first picture shows Sylvari before awakening (This picture was used as a template : Both portraits - this is how I imagined and wished the Sylvari hair/head armor at that time (and once the Sylvari female head initial picture of ANet). I didn't finish the male Sylvari hair picture back then (for whatever reason), but you can see the idea.
The images were processed in May 2012, when a new Sylvari concept was introduced (so they are quite old). Since my old laptop broke down, I thought that all files were lost. Some time ago I found the pictures surprisingly on a USB flash drive, very compressed version, but at least...
I still think that Sylvari pictures are beautiful and I hope you will like them too.
And the update here: a fresh "happy easter" picture of me


Fashion Guru
lol thats awesome *-*
2019-04-19 7:10

Fashion Guru
really amazing
2019-04-20 17:32

Fashion Guru
Very beautiful !
2019-04-20 18:15

Thanks a lot!
2019-04-21 2:56