By ieva on March 26th, 2019


The screens are unedited and were created on Thunderhead Peaks map.
Actually I wanted to make Thunderhead Keep Meta Event. Apart from the fact that I chose "wrong" character, I arrived when the event was just passing by... I thought while I was here I could take down some Dragon Crystal Node. I climbed on my mount to reach the next node and "slipped" on map edge into area, in ditch, where ever the Brandstorm is. When I noticed that I got stuck there, I took advantage of the situation and made some screens...
I find the screens pretty crazy and want to show here.
As far as character styling is concerned - this is something in the testing phase and not a look to present, if anyone is interested in what I'm wearing, I'll link it here:
I will finish the right look a few days later :)
And now have fun in space with my Sylvari


Fashion Guru
Haha, thats cool. :)
2019-03-26 7:05

Fashion Guru
I have to agree! Pretty crazy and cool! I would never get the idea in such situation to press the print screen button...
2019-03-26 7:29