Councillor Amorri with the love potion ~ morv

By morv on March 23rd, 2019
Race: Asura
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: White
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Hello Guys,
Today I present my councillor Amorri. She had the idea to make a love potion. She talked to her council members and searched for suitable ingredients. She found out that she needed different berries, herbs and the blood of an innocent being. She collected these ingredients and mixed them into a tincture. She filled the tincture into glasses and started looking for people in Tyria. She threw her glasses on the floor or on walls and they burst. This made the tincture smell to the people and they were full of love. Councillor Morv found Zelda and Link. After she had enchanted them both with the potion, their love was even stronger between them.

hope you like it,
morv ^-^
Big thanks to QueenR.6837 as Zelda and Aivior.1506 as Link.


wow, that's a beautiful character with a very nice idea.
2019-03-24 6:42

Amazing work i love the pictures
2019-03-25 7:05

Fashion Guru
thank you both :)
2019-03-25 18:52

Fashion Guru
Nice greeting from an Asura colleague ;) And gold of course
2019-03-26 7:14

Fashion Guru
thanks, Frans. ^-^
2019-03-27 3:03 in reply to Frans

Fashion Collector
Millions of presentations later and I finally find a really good presentation, thank you! A great listing of armor and colors, beautiful screens and a great and matching story to the character. Thanks for your great and creative contributions.
2019-03-27 15:39

She reminds me of the scientist in charge or cuteness in SAB
2020-10-23 6:56