Guardian of the Goddess

By FlauschiFluff on February 12th, 2019
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Gold
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I entered the portal and found myself in a library unlike any other I've ever seen. I came hoping to find the gods, but Kormir, the Goddess of Truth, was the only deity I found. She granted me an audience in her sanctum and answered some of my questions, but in this case the truth was hard to hear.
Kormir told me the gods had left Tyria completely to avoid a cataclysmic battle with the Elder Dragons that would have destroyed the world they were trying to preserve. This world belongs to us mortals now, and it's our responsibility to defend it. Kormir provided me with a single bit of guidance in my fight against Balthazar: to seek answers in the desert. This is my story....


Fashion Guru
I like the armor combo, looks really great! And a good weapon choice too!
2019-02-13 12:00

Thank you very much. ^^
2019-02-13 16:22 in reply to Keyan

Is very similar. Good job
2019-04-21 10:28

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