Pact Senior Holosmith Corp

By Turin231 on January 4th, 2019
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Black
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4 1
1 0
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To exploit the newly found engineering disciplines identified in Elona the Pact has founded the Senior Holosmith Corp. This elite engineering unit is comprised by Veteran Pact engineers with at least 6 years of service (provided with equipment respective to their stature). Rigorously trained by Elonian expects they are utilized as the main engineering force on high risk Pact missions.

They are always equipped with the standard issue Magitech field scanner and their equipment incorporates technology taken for a wide variety of Pact missions all over Tyria and even the Mists. All Holosmith Corp members carry Predator glass rifles. Not a traditional choice for the Holosmith discipline but it is ideal for their core responsibilities in the Pact missions that are expected to provide both firepower and utility. The corp mounts are also equipped with experimental exo-suits developed in cooperation with the College of Synergetics of Rata Sum.

The Corp's first successful deployment was in the Pact mission against the Risen Shatterer in Elona providing firepower and technical support for the DERV units.


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