Flame Legion Defector

By Turin231 on January 2nd, 2019
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Orange
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Ridge was born into the Flame Legion. For all his life he was trained as a flame Legion berserker using their techniques. A zealot at first, as most flame legion, his faith started faltering. The increased brutality of the Godforged and Bealfire's goals of godhood has cost the life of so many of his comrades that by the time the Pact assaulted the Citadel of Flame he was convinced of the insanity if the Flame Legion cause. Misguided by loyalty to his homeland he did fight bravely during the attack. But Bealfire was defeated and Ridge was captured by the Pact.

Immediately after the demise of his former lord he realized futility of the situation and defected to the Pact. He joined as an informant in the operations to destroy Bealfires successor, Tribune Burntclaw, and against the flame legion shamans' attempts to resurrect Bealfire. Thus he proved his sincerity and joined the Vigil and the Pact permanently. Driven to redeem himself from the Flame Legion's acts he has volunteered and lead numerous Pact operations from the battles against the Elder Dragons to operations against the Molten Alliance (from which he acquired technology to make his Fire-Breathing Longbow) and became a frequent memeber of the strike teams used by Scholar Glenna all over Tyria. Most recently he joined the Pact expedition against a risen Shatterer to Elona.

Weapons: Fire-Breathing Longbow, Stellar Khopesh, Luminous Vigil


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Very shiny, but the pants dont fit somehow. His armor seems so modern, and then there's this dark piece of cloth
2019-01-03 6:32

awesome, i like this
2019-01-03 11:07

I find your comments strange - everywhere it says "This is awesome ;)" or "awesome, i like this" and you only ever forgive bronze medals^^
2019-01-04 3:54 in reply to SenselessHopes

I am under the impression that this user (and many others as well) do not actually understand what the sliders are and just use the vote button, leaving them to default thus bronze
2019-01-06 14:41 in reply to ieva

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I hope that's the case because I read "this is awesome" and "I like this" on looks that have bronze and silver and it makes no sense that the commentary doesn't match what people are willing to give it.
2019-01-28 11:20 in reply to Turin231