Undying Legend - Moriah

By Chiorydax on December 17th, 2018
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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Before she was even born, Moriah was a part of a prophecy. Her mother, a field medic and tactician who had saved many lives in the war, was given a blessing by Grenth, saying that her daughters would someday reap countless souls.

This plagued Moriah's childhood, as people weren't sure if she would be a catalyst for Ascalon's destruction, or a savior in the conflict against the charr. When Moriah's half-sister was born, Moriah made it her duty to shield her little sister from the distrusting eyes of the world. She wanted to be the best sister she could be.

But time was not kind to Moriah. Shortly after, Moriah's family fell victim to a raid conducted by dissenting Ascalonians. She lost her parents and her sister that day. Thoroughly jaded, Moriah tried to distance herself from Grenth at every turn.

Growing up, she became a skilled elementalist before finally being begrudgingly persuaded to train as a necromancer, which she was naturally talented toward.

After the Searing, Moriah joined Prince Rurik, eager to leave her bitter past behind. Along the trip, she became very close with her fellow travelers, forming a makeshift family with them. It was the closest she'd felt with anyone since she was a child. Even in the cold Shiverpeaks, Moriah began to feel her heart warm once again.

Moriah would eventually travel across Tyria, wage war against the White Mantle and Mursaat, travel to Cantha and Elona, and eventually return to Tyria to face a dragon champion before settling down in the Far Shiverpeaks. She lived an eventful life, but was ready to rest among her peers, and finally made her peace with Grenth.

But as age wore at her lifelong friends, Moriah was still young. It seemed her legacy was not yet finished. And over two centuries later, she's ready to once again face the darkness that threatens to consume Tyria.

And here, she may find that her long-lost sister is not as lost as she thought. After all, the two of them have a prophecy to fulfill together.


So obviously this character was originally my GW1 character (pic of her GW1 version included below). But I'm super sentimental and decided I didn't want to let her go. So here she is.

Her story is a bit lore-breaking, I guess. But I've tried my best to keep it in check. I just really love this character.

I really dig low-key tones, and I tried to make this look like a healthy obscure mix between necro and ele themes, since in GW1 she was both.

Also, the pieces I couldn't specify are: Celestial Compass (focus), Mistwild Greatsword, and Fire Quiver backpack.


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Name-wise, i feel like the deepstone frac would've been a fitting place for screens ^^
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Ooh, good idea! I'll have to swing through there later.
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Armor colors and weapon choice do not convince me. Solid Silver
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