Nutzy Screwloose: Shipwrecked Pirate

By Foxtrot on July 6th, 2018
Race: Asura
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a pirates life for me! You got to party all the time. Travel the world. See new and exciting things. Being a Pirate was fun! At least until the ship this young asura was on was ambushed by Risen and sent down to Davy Jones Locker. This young Asura eventually washed up alone on a deserted island somewhere in the Sea of Sorrows. For 5 years he persevered just to stay alive. His only friend a fish he named "Fin". Although he did attempt to teach the crabs how to box to somewhat subjective results. Eventually he became quite the deadeye with the slingshot he fashioned from the bits and pieces he found on a long lost shipwreck allowing him to hunt his food. Life was good with the exception that he was slowly losing his mind.

Then one day it happened. A Priory expedition had been forced off course and came upon the tiny deserted island only to find it not quite as deserted as they originally thought. The Asuran pirate was finally rescued. Time had passed and the young pirate had forgotten his name only to claim the moniker of Nutzy Screwloose after one of the Priory explorers made a joke in poor taste. Not that Nutzy cared. He really didn't care much about anything anymore other than the burning curiosity he felt from departing his island home. He and his faithful friend Fin soon found themselves in a strange new world. Lion's Arch was nothing like they remembered it. Cement walkways and airships led him to believe that he may have been on that island longer than he thought.

The idea behind this character is based on Ben Gunn from Treasure Island. Nutzy went a bit insane being left alone for years on an island. He had a ship full of treasure hidden away, but none of that had any value to him. For the look I went with a full Rascal set. It is about as tattered and piratey as anything else. I might mix it up a little more in the future by adding some buccaneer pieces, but for now I don't play this character all that much other than to do fun pics with, so a change in look will probably have to wait a while. I liked the idea of a deadeye with a slingshot for a weapon because not only is he a little crazy, but it just fits the personality of the character so much better than an actual weapon would.


Fashion Guru
I actually love this one. Bravo. The first pic on the first row is by far my favorite. I likely would have mixed in one of the pirate outfit items but that's just me.
2018-07-07 1:06

Fashion Collector
These screenshots are so good! I love it!
2018-07-07 8:27

Thank you. I think I will play around a little with the armor at some point. I do have sets of Pirate weapons for him that I generally equip as an alternative set of weapons.

Yeah the screenshots are really fun to take with this character because I can just think of something no matter how normal or off the wall and go emote or whatever until I get what I want.
2018-07-07 12:38