Andar Redwind: Sneakthief

By Foxtrot on June 16th, 2018
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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Andar Redwind is the middle child of three. He and his sisters lost their parents at an early age leaving them with no choice but to live on the streets or grow up in an orphanage, Truthfully, there wasn't much difference. His youngest sister had been born cursed, leaving him to care for her while his older sister found ways to keep them fed. After many years his oldest sister disappeared and was presumed dead leaving Andar alone to care for himself and his younger sister

Without any latent magical ability Andar learned some less than reputable trades to make ends meet. Often doing jobs for two time losers like Big Nose Nick, or Mac the Knife. Surprisingly he found that he had quite a knack for the trade and eventually began to work his way up to stealing from a higher class clientele escaping from a lifetime of being under the thumb of those who were bound to eventually be incarcerated or killed.

Now as an adult with no need to take care of anyone but himself he still tends to rob from the rich and give to those most in need of it. He now has taken an interest in assisting with running the orphanage in Salma district. Seeing the smiles on the faces of the children makes him realize just how much a the world needs good role models. However, whether he is a good role model or not is up for debate given the pickpocketing tricks he has taught the children.

For this character I wanted to go with a sleek, yet stylish armor set that also looked practical for someone who makes a living climbing in windows. He probably should have some kind of mask to hide his identity, but I personally am not a fan of hiding faces. The red and black color combo is a twofold choice. Firstly, all three of the Redwind characters wear those colors. Secondly, black is a natural color for someone who doesn't want to be seen. The red highlights just enough of it to keep it from being just a black mess and add some color. I found the Buccaneer leggings and boots to be the best to go with this look due to the addition of the knives and blades attached to them. It just looks like he is prepared for anything with those additions.


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