By Ashwolf on April 30th, 2018
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Red
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The whispers that flow through the scorching desert dunes bring more than omens, the Bloodfire clan rides swift seeking for ancient vengeance. Cut them and their blood will sizzle, kill them and their fiery wisps will haunt you from the grave, power over the smoldering slag of forgotten furnaces will burn all.

Scourge's weird affiliation with sand and fire got me into this look, I wanted to ditch my old full flame legion chestpiece look I had on my ele for a better flame legion tassets kind of thing, and the warforged chestpiece with the fiery veins just fit too perfectly, the rest just came together from that. I mostly hide the shoulders, as I quite like the backpiece and they clip a bit through it, but they do look pretty nice as well if I hide the backpiece, it's either-or. Hope you enjoy this, haven't posted in a while, feel rusty.


Those horns perfectly complement the demon mask, gives him a Diablo vibe!
2018-04-30 9:06

Fashion Guru
2018-04-30 17:31

Fashion Guru
This styling is excelent! I also love the horns, they match him perfectly. Such a demonic look! Great job :-)
2018-05-01 16:59

Fashion Guru
Fwoar! What a great style and dye combo! Really fits together well, and those screenies are looking beaut!
2018-05-03 11:47

I love the first screen on the top left and feel it would have made a great main picture.
2018-05-10 6:19