Senex, Demon of the Sands

By TheKimmynator on January 4th, 2018
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Gold
Vote Breakdown
5 5
0 0
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My sylvari Revenant-turned-Renegade needed a decent shortbow skin which brought me to the amazing Shifting Sands skin. Her armor wasn't adding up though so I created this mix to create some hellish desert raider look. She's my only sylvari but she's one hell of a sylvari.

PS nevermind the backpiece I listed, it was an accident and I cannot get it removed. :P


I like this look a lot! Reminds me of an orc!
2018-01-04 20:13

Fashion Guru
Thanks! I can see the resemblance, too now. Had not thought of that before. :o
2018-01-05 3:16 in reply to Nalkarin

Fashion Collector
Love this whole setup! The skin itself kind of reminds me of Dark Elves from Morrowind (I don't really pay attention to Skyrim, that game sucks, nowhere near as good as muh old good Morrowind) and boy, I loved them. My only nitpick would again be the skin tone since I would imagine that demon to either have darker armor or lighter skin to match the "sand demon" armor better. Some screens shows the dark skin more and some screens show the armor in a darker way which again, I really like.

Anyway, let me rate you accordingly. Since this whole thing really caught my eye, I will give you gold, but again, the only nitpick is the skin tone. So yeah, take that Gold!
2018-01-05 7:58

Fashion Guru
Thank you! Yeah the skintone with the red glow is more of a classic demon look. I have been thinking of giving her a makeover, to a more sand-like shade but currently lacking the funds. Eheh... Thank you though! :D
2018-01-05 16:14 in reply to RASCALLON

Fashion Guru
I really love this! Talk about an intimidating look. I'm sorry, I've been mulling over what to say about this look for days but I can't come up with much to say, other than I really love the aesthetic of it. Sorry about that!
2018-03-27 19:22