By BaconReaper on December 24th, 2017


A screen I'm really proud of because of how fast Zhaitan flys, its hard to get him perfectly. Sorry for my bad photoshop skills, I'm doing my best!

What do you guys think? Feedback is much appreciated


wow... Anet might as well use this as a promotional screenshot. Great job! I wish it was just the Commander standing calmly while others running around in havoc to create more suspense, but that's not something that can be controlled (HOW UNFORTUNATE).
2017-12-24 8:44

I haven't seen Zhaitan in forever... What an amazing boss in visual design. If we add a few more bones and more smoke volume around him it would rival the designs of Dark Souls bosses. Too bad his fight was butchered and didn't get the justice that it needed x( Hope we get a fractal about him? :D
2017-12-24 10:26

baba yaga
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I like that!
2019-02-20 3:00