Marksman of the Shadows

By BaconReaper on December 24th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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After Jaydens Boyfriend was murdered by Balthazars forces on their Elonian farm, he charmed his way into the Order of Shadows, to get revenge. He hails from Divinity's Reach, although he never met his true family. Having an Ascalonian-Elonian heritage, he also has a way with people.


Jayden was made for shits n gigs but he ended up being a handsome devil so I put more effort into him. Feedback is appreciated. :)

(Backpack is [Initiate's Pack] and Staff is [Daredevils Staff] because it doesn't show up on the list)


Dr Dark Matter Ryff
It's not a bad look but it lacks something that would make it special, like, heavy-armor-looking-stuff? tech stuff? gold?

Right now the chest piece takes over most of the set (medium armors usually do that but you can still work with it); the legs, boots and gloves don't look "defining" enough and you're lacking the shoulders piece, even something as basic as the Koda ones would look ok here so why not use'em (it's important that they don't look like they're floating or detached from the rest).

The pics you chose are too red-ish to make the Rifle really stand out, I didn't realize it was the Whispers one (which looks cool and is very affordable) until I checked the weapons you listed, maybe pick a non-fiery shadowy location for at least one pic?
2018-01-09 8:12

I was thinking about this, some of the new elonian pieces looked quite nice & fit with his story. But it looked a bit clunky for a deadeye, but I only did it in the preview tab & not on the character himself in game. I’m currently in the USA so I’ll add some screens when I’m back home :).
2018-01-11 23:12

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