Palawa Joko's Monster

By SteezSamurai on October 29th, 2017
Race: Asura
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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Once an Asuran Scientist, lost in the Elonian Desert... awakened and with a new purpose...
...guarding the Bone Wall.


Fashion Collector
This is so evil cute!
Love the combo of his tattered ears with the bat wings, they dont appear as a backpack at all which is where i struggle with wings. The bones on the helm and shoulders as well as the eye markings are also tied together very nicely.
The only thing i might change myself is a different glove skin, something a little more 'tattered cloth' looking.
That raptor screen is epic.
2017-10-30 6:00

Elessar Taralom
Love this look!
Every armour pieces fits so well with each other, yet you combined quite a lot
The dyes are on spot (including the skin/markings colour) and your screens are AMAZING, especially the one while gliding
The Halloween raptor one was also a nice touch :)
Perfect upload, gold from me!
2017-10-30 9:18

Thank you ^^

And yeah, I know the gloves are a bit too much but I will never let go of them :P
2017-10-30 11:04 in reply to Sugar

aww thanks
2017-10-30 11:07 in reply to Elessar Taralom

i recently updated my asura.. and was very happy with it until i saw this.. you made me jelous!... goldings for you!
2017-10-30 12:46

Luna Nightshade
this is cool. GOLD
2017-10-30 15:05

Fashion Guru
It is rare that the wings work in a look. All your other armor choices are spot on as well. Definitely gold.
2017-10-30 21:34

Fashion Guru
That's a sweet and terrifying look! :) I love when ppl work asuras around this good (cause I totally cant). Love the theme completely, super original, and I am a sucker for that headpiece!! The wings work perfectly, and this look is overall super solid. Praise Joko and his creations! Gold
2017-10-31 7:08

Love! You managed to make your asura look cool, creepy and kinda cute at the same time. The armor pieces look amazing together and are dyed great. Also it was fun looking at your screens.
2017-10-31 11:00

Fashion Guru
extremely interesting
2019-01-22 5:30