- Don't mess with me -

By horsie on September 26th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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Hello there, it's me again, this time i wanted to make something in different style. instead of typical desert look. So I chose something between madmax/skypirates - with apocalyptic background.

I wanted to make my deadeye more like terminator instead of typical assasin, with the surival mode on 24/h. I dont really have story for this character since its just typical apocalyptic theme.I will just describe a bit the armor parts.

To add some of the "surival vibe" i used the magnus eyepatch and the pirate hook. The chest is warbeast that i really loved from the first time, with the whole chain style, perfect for characters that doesn't care about the weight of the armor.
In overall i just wanted to use a bit of the armor parts with metal on it, so there are the shoulders and boots. The legs are t3 human mediun, i like them since they look like some torn stockings.

The weapon - Whisper Secret Riffle, I really like this weapon, it has the "laser thing" on it, so it looks perfect with the rest parts.

About the backpack, i wanted to use the molten jetpack, but was kinda big on my character, so i stick with the quiver, since it got some metalic parts, daggers on it, and even arrows (why not, everything thats can deal some dmg is worth a lot on the times when u can die in any sec).


i feel like a lot of styles really look similar to eachother. but the characters that you make on this site are always really unique. it's like you always think outside of the box, and it really pays off. and yet again you impress me horsie.
2017-09-26 20:04

Fashion Guru
Thanks a lot bro! I really appreciate those nice words!
2017-09-26 20:36 in reply to Joning

I'd definitely not mess with her - she's badass! This is perfection mate!
2017-09-27 5:43

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
Love the look. although i am not really feeling the hands for it. great realistic choice of dyes and a smooth presentation.gold
2017-09-27 7:23

I dont get the hype, a black girl with white hair and a mostly black leather with chains... WOOOW *yawn*
2017-09-27 14:42

Fashion Guru
Looks quite like a hater vote even tho this is ur opinion so ill take it, thanks for the comment.
2017-09-27 15:03 in reply to Wulfic

Fashion Guru
thanks mate!
2017-09-27 15:07 in reply to Neikiba

Fashion Guru
Thanks man, even tho i really wanted to use those gloves haha.
2017-09-27 15:07 in reply to Deathblade Kenny

dude, i think its a bit unnecessary to write a comment like that. and also give it a bronze medal.
there's been a lot of work put into this style. horsie doesn't deserve a bronze medal and a rude comment like that for his good work, only because you don't get the concept.
it's important to give a fair rating based on the work that has been put in, and the result of it. if you don't get the concept, and rate it bronze because of that. you are only spreading toxicity at this site.
2017-09-27 15:18 in reply to Wulfic

I felt like commenting because.. I should be studying. But anyways:

I really like this set. It looks like the 'usual' rugged like characters, but there are just a few things which make it unique. I can't really point out what does, I think it is the use of the metal-part opposed to the darker red color that pop it out to me.

Now I have to agree on the gloves. The hand without the pirate hook looks very fitting, but the pirate hook itself looks a bit out of context. I understand that is with the whole survival tribe, but I think you would've been better off with a 'simpeler' glove skin.

Regardless, great look like usual and you have my gold ^^
2017-09-27 16:51

She lools realy badass :) Gold!
2017-09-28 9:21

Fashion Guru
Hey horsie, love this look. That said, it took me a while to realise the chest was one of the new skins. It just blends in with all the metal so well. The rifle is awesome (I don't really know my rifles very well) and when I come to playing my deadeye I'm gonna seriously consider it. Gold of course :)
2017-09-29 13:54

Beautiful and scary at the same time. Love the look. Wonderful screens and atmosphere as well!
2017-10-06 16:00

I like your screens. And everything else here fits together. Gold
2018-12-27 22:57

i like how u used these rare used armors! and i like ur screens.
2020-07-26 12:20