Winter Ranger

By Mel Von Arglau on September 22nd, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
Vote Breakdown
4 6
0 0
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I wanted to keep it as realistic as possible. No sparkling bits instead lots of brown colours the Hoelbrak backpack and wooden weapons. The armor is mostly Heritage armor with the hat and shoulders added to give it some more flair.


F****** love it!!
2017-09-22 15:31

Mel Von Arglau
Thank you :)
2017-09-22 15:36 in reply to Chogger

Love the hat! Pretty cool and original outfit! Would love to see more screenshots and at different lightings... But wonderful job! :D
2017-09-22 18:01

Mel Von Arglau
Thank you :)
2017-09-23 0:25 in reply to sevencat

Fashion Guru
I really like the use of that hat with the shoulders. Dyes are nice and simple and go well with the backpiece. A shame it's all heritage otherwise as I think you could change a few more pieces for something truly unique. Only slightly missed a gold form me; with a few more screens I'd be willing to up my vote.
2017-09-23 7:25

Fashion Guru
I really love how it looks! However it's almost full heritage set so I can't give a gold but it looks really nice!
2017-09-25 11:57

not bad. but alot of 1 armor piece
2017-09-26 11:45