Red Mage

By myziri on September 12th, 2017
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Red
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Going for a Red Mage look from Final Fantasy! I plan on making this my look for my Weaver when PoF releases, but for now it is on my mesmer (which is why there aren't many action shots since mesmer attacks are all purple). Unfortunately I don't have some of the skins I'd like to complete the look, so I included them in previews. I do feel that Crushed Bone would look better instead of Glint's Isolation on the chest and gloves, but again that is something I don't have at the moment :(


Fashion Guru
on point imo ^^
2017-09-13 13:04

It's wonderful to see what you can do with simple skins sometimes... it proves you don't have to be rich to dress nicely ????? (it applies in life too lol)
Beautiful dye job and armor combination (I would change the boots to something more fancy to match the rest, but that's a matter of taste really)
I noticed you don't have a shoulders piece and I can't remember something to add to the look.
I would like to see her in more different backgrounds (maybe somewhere around the pirate ships)
Anyways, keep up the good work! Gold from me! ^^
2017-09-15 14:01

Thanks! I'll try to add more screenshots tomorrow when I have time! :D
2017-09-15 21:08

More screenshots were added with ships :D
2017-09-17 2:31

Fashion Guru
Oh man, this is fantastic! I salute you for making the perfect GW2 Red Mage ensemble. Honestly couldn't have been done better by anyone else in my opinion.

I feel bad for having Caudecus' rapier and doing nothing with it while you're missing it for this fantastic bit, but I guess I was thinking that I could always use another rapier skin.
2017-09-17 16:07

Thanks! And it's ok haha! I'll just get it next time it rolls around ;)
2017-09-22 8:32