Desert Raider

By TheKimmynator on August 4th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
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Inspired by Rey's outfit in the opening of SW, with abit of an original twist. Thick cloth to withstand sandstorms.


Well since you're look is quite similar to one of mine (colors and headpiece, you can see it there I really like it !
I'm sure there would have been a lot of nice screens to do to really show off your look !
But it is still good ;)
2017-08-06 14:33

Fashion Guru
Thanks! I've had more comments about the quantity of my screenshots, apparently I'm supposed to upload 10+ screenshots to make clear my look is good, I'm sorry that's just ridiculous to me, 3 might be too little but if you can tell the look is good, it's good. I feel like if you can clearly see the armor, back and front and some extra's it's good enough.
2017-08-07 8:16 in reply to Pattou

Bianca Zauberkind
a really fitting desert look! i love these simple grey/brown tones in combination with the coat and the 2 scarfs. The boots are awesome, and i feel like you're the 1st person who i've ever seen, that uses them :D
2017-08-08 10:35

very nice Amor combination, dye+s and Screens. I like it!
2017-08-10 15:29

Fashion Guru
Thank you! I appreciate it! :)
2017-08-12 5:00 in reply to Bianca Zauberkind

Fashion Guru
Thanks alot! Glad you like it. :)
2017-08-12 5:00 in reply to Alexhausen