Twilight Requiem

By Iris on June 30th, 2017
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Purple
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17 3
1 0
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"Halt! Isn't that... Caithe? What brought you here - again?" The sylvari growled quietly as she questioned the firstborn.

"Faolain and I, we came a long way back and I,... I just wanted to visit. I miss ---"

"Enough!!! Don't you dare!", the sylvari bursted into anger. "You betrayed the Grand Duchess. You left her highness to rot in the Mordrem's hands and now you think of disturbing her final rest? Begone, Caithe!"

Firmly did she raise her bow with such an intensity that she would have fought to her last sap, right then, to defend the remains of the once glorious Twilight's Arbor, home to the Nightmare Court.

Caithe shook her head in sadness and guilt. She couldn't fight back at those thorny words, and so she left.


Hello there, I bring you today yet another heavy armor combination. I was inspired by this masterpiece here: and have been experimenting for a long time how to incorporate the leggings into a sylvari cultural look. The second goal would be to make it original given the very limited option in plant-like clothing. Last but not least, the third goal is to make use of the 4-year birthday backpiece as the centrepiece of the whole look.

My sylvari was named Alyy Tryasina (russian for Scarlet Mire) after the idea of a habit for the pitcher plant and other exotic flora. There is a juxtapose of different thorny and broad leaves in dark colors and vibrant highlights to evoke an image of a creature of the night - haunting and deadly.

I hope you enjoy the look and let me know what you think. I'll do my best to reply to your feedback and questions, if any.


Great mix of spiky metal armor and plant armor to make it look thorny =D Love the color palette too. Great job!
2017-06-30 20:46

Fashion Collector
I like the blend of spikes (thorns), with leafy armor.
2017-07-01 1:06

Fashion Collector
Like the dark vibe. And your screens are great.
2017-07-01 3:40

Skyr Dreymi
I really like it, when there's a story in the look description! Plus this look is super awesome, too! I the armour combination looks so good and don't get me started on the colours! A+! The only thing that I *could* critizise is the bloodstone visage, because it feels too dominant sometimes, but that's really just a small issue and probably personal preference.
2017-07-01 4:41

Fashion Guru
What I like the most about this look is the dye job. It's amazing how many colors you combined :D The use of omnious yellow makes it much more interesting.
The armor combination looks very good. And GJ on screens.
Gold from me too.
2017-07-01 6:39

Fashion Guru
Your colours are fabulous! Lovely and inspiring, great job :)
2017-07-01 9:16

The colour-scheme is super cool!
Very fitting for the nightmare fractal sword :D
And your presentation is great too! I love the screens in the dark!
Gold from me :)
2017-07-01 12:02

Bianca Zauberkind
the screens and dyes are amazing! Great Job
2017-07-01 12:11

Fashion Guru
This is quite a light look for heavy armour which I like. She seems very sylvari-y and yet very unique at the same time. Your dyes are wonderful and go perfectly with your weapon skins and backpack. Also, I love those story screens with Caite. Definite gold from me :)
2017-07-01 14:27

awesome colour and armor mix :D
2017-07-03 15:27

Fashion Guru
Oooh, the sylvari backpiece never looked so fitting to a look :3
2019-01-06 14:11