need your advice

By Reick on June 13th, 2017


Hi, i made this screen long time ago and i would like to share with you all.

Of course this picture is retouched, it just for see what you think about:

- quality of the screen
- Expression of the character
- color etc..



Screen quality is great, and her eyes really pop with the dimmed background/armor. The expression isn't exactly the "prettiest" but depending on her story/other screens I could see it working. Personally I'm just not a fan of the exposed teeth, they never really look right to me in game.. all smiles/grimaces/etc are so creepy looking
2017-06-13 17:42

This screen is actually really nice. She looks very scared however. Or kind of like a "Oh crap" moment. But if that's what you're going for, it looks great.
2017-06-14 12:55

The screen overall is great!
I like the drama in the picture! She looks genuinely scared.
Its a great picture to spice up the presentation and add some emotions and unique shots!
If you want to use it as a screenshot for presentation here you should note a few things tho:
Only very little of the armor is visible, so it wouldnt make a great main-screen to present your outfit.
Its also quite dark, which isnt bad in general, but i usually prefer screens in good lighting to be able to see the whole character and the armor in its whole beauty ;D
The background in general isnt too exciting.

So, the expression of the character is what makes this screen a master-shot! The other aspects of it wont make for a good presention though.
As i already said: it would be an amazing picture to spice up your presentation, but it shouldnt be used as main-pic.
2017-06-15 11:14

Fashion Guru
I generally agree with Hylek, however I get the impression that you're not really looking to use this for a fashion submission-- rather, you just want it to hear about it as a picture by its own merit. Am I getting that right?

This is... pretty spectacular. The background is interesting without detracting from the foreground and adds some much-needed color to an otherwise grey-ish armor set.

That said, the pose and expression are powerful. She looks legitimately terrified, aided by her white irises (makes the whites of her eyes look bigger, often used in animation to convey fear) and the pose of looking over one shoulder.

The background mixed with the armor and skin/hair presents a good mix of tones and shades. I really love how sharp and clean the armor looks in that lighting.

But yeah, great job with touching it up for that desired effect. You definitely nailed it!
2018-01-03 22:24

For this screenshot, it was mostly a test for me for facials expressions from Guild Wars 2.

With game emotes, we can get good natural animations, but it's difficult to capture the good moment, poses, etc.

And i'm not a good speciallist in retouched screenshots in general so, it was a test and i wanted to see your feedback, if improvement was needed etc.
2018-01-04 4:06 in reply to Chiorydax

Fashion Guru
> but it's difficult to capture the good poses

I'd be embarrassed to say how many screenshots I have saved simply trying to find that single-frame pose at just the right moment and angle. It's definitely a challenge.
2018-01-04 9:43 in reply to Reick

Yeah idd!

14 folders and more than 13k pictures screen for me :p
2018-01-04 11:40 in reply to Chiorydax